Aleph Bet Jewish Day School

I am delighted to report that through the generosity of friends and family like you, Aleph Bet was able to raise enough money in one week to feel confident in opening the school on September 5th, as scheduled.

We have reconfigured our staffing needs and the Board has committed to working with staff from the Associated’s Center for Jewish Studies as well as its finance and marketing departments. Our internal marketing committee is also gearing up and could use some fresh ideas. If you or anyone you know has those skills, we’d love to hear from them.

Thank you for your support, it has become quite clear that Anne Arundel County sees the value of having a Jewish Day School.  We are opening on September 5th because of your generosity and commitment to helping us secure a future for the school.

Sarah White
Head of School

Alpert Family Aleph Bet Jewish Day School
1125B Spa Road, Annapolis, MD 21403