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Now offering a 5 day a week option for 2’s!  Drop in anytime during school hours for a school tour.   

The Sylvia Meisenberg Early Childhood Program embraces its youngest members through our comprehensive preschool curriculum. These preschool programs offer a well-rounded, gentle introduction to formal education.

Our state licensed preschool, with newly remodeled classrooms, has classes for two, three and four year old children. Additionally we offer a wide range of enrichment activities such as art, music, and languages.

We also have an extended day lunch program. Activities and celebrations for Shabbat and holidays are introduced, complementing a full program of direct instruction and “learn through play.” The theme-based curriculum places strong emphasis on social skills and school readiness. Our educated and experienced teachers maintain a warm and nurturing classroom environment, and we keep a low student to teacher ratio to ensure the success of all of our children.
Additional early childhood programs include “Parent/Child” classes for younger children, and a summer camp. Enrollment in all of our programs is open to the children of members and non-members.   None of our classes require a child to be potty trained.

Information on our Preschool Programs

Young 2’s Class (Starts January, rolling admission) Temple Beth Shalom offers a “young two’s” preschool class.  Did your child miss the age cut off for a preschool program? This is the perfect class for them.  The class has a low student to teacher ratio which offers two year olds a nurturing, enriching and fun introduction to preschool.

The following classes start in September:
2s The Two’s class is a gentle introduction to school. We emphasize social and language development and begin structured activities and weave them into developmentally appropriate lessons. Learn through play is a big part of their day.

3s The Three’s class expands on the social, cognitive and motor skill foundations instilled the previous year. The curriculum introduces the mitzvah (good deed) of Derech Eretz (treating others with respect). Students develop emerging math, writing and print awareness skills. Exploration and learning through the senses and varied art media is a cornerstone.

Pre-K The Four’s class or Pre-K encourages the mitzvah (good deed). Students explore and investigate in order to develop emergent math, social studies, science, reading and writing skills through play, direct instruction, and other developmentally appropriate activities. A hands on approaches enhances their understanding of these subjects as well as using a hands on approach. Our goal is to prepare these children for a smooth and successful transition to Kindergarten. This class is offered Mondays through Fridays from 9am to 2pm.

Lunch Bunch This program is designed for children to eat lunch with friends and to participate in extra enrichment. The maximum number of days your child is eligible to stay is the number of days he or she attends school. Registration is made in yearly (or half yearly) increments and the program runs after the regular class time.  Some activities included in the Lunch Bunch program may include PE, yoga, science, art and music.

ECP3For more information about our preschool, please email or call 410-757-0552.  Preschool is open and welcoming to everyone in the community.


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