Special Accomodations

We would like to meet the needs of anyone in your family who requires special accommodation during our High Holy Day services to help him or her participate more easily.  If you have questions, concerns, please contact the temple office at 410-757-0552 or info@annapolistemple.org.

The Fire Marshal forbids parking on or beside the driveway. Please understand that we must be able to get emergency equipment in, should we need it. Do not park on or beside the driveway. Thank you for your cooperation.

HANDICAP PARKING PERMITS AND ACCESSIBILITY. Ample parking will be available for individuals who currently have handicap parking permits (license tags or hang tags). No reservation is required. For those who have trouble walking distances, we have a passenger drop-off lane.

SEATING FOR CONGREGANTS WITH MOBILITY PROBLEMS, including using a wheelchair or walker. A row of easily accessible chairs will be reserved for people with mobility issues and their family members. These seats will only be held until services begin. No reservation is required.

FOR THE HEARING IMPAIRED. We have a limited number of headsets.

FOR THE VISUALLY IMPAIRED. We have a limited number of large print prayer books.